Strengthening Families

“Strengthening Families” (Fortaleciendo la Familia) is a parenting program in Spanish. It is offered in ten weekly sessions, for two hours every session, and it is free, including snacks and babysitting. This program covers topics such as improving communication, positive discipline, and developing the self-esteem of children. It enables parents to become effective listeners and to establish loving, trusting relationships within the family.

Since 1988, H.A.C.A.N. has provided more than 90 parenting classes to low income immigrant families in Northern Virginia, has served 1600 parents in the community and have graduated more than 1,000 parents.

After completion of the program, at least 85% of the participants have increased their parenting skills, resulting in children raised in families where conflicts can be resolved in a positive way, and youth prepared to make responsible decisions.

In addition, approximately 750 children of those parents participated in a children’s program while the parents attended the classes. Of those children, at least 250 received training on sexual abuse prevention. H.A.C.A.N. has also provided a Train the Trainer program for 150 bilingual professionals/volunteers in the Washington area to become instructors of the Strengthening Families parenting program. Those professionals have promoted parenting classes in their own communities/agencies.

Our parenting program has received excellent reviews by Social Services personnel, community organizations and most importantly, by the parents themselves.

Hispanics Against Child Abuse and Neglect