Morning Star

“Morning Star” a program for young girls and boys, ages 8 and older. At weekly meetings, Morning Star provides participants with a safe environment that empowers and educates them to make wise decisions during their adolescence.

Since 1994, HACAN has been involved in the community of Culmore, Bailey’s Crossroad, Virginia through its youth program: “Morning Star”. Since then, our program has expanded and provided activities every Saturday morning for more than 550 girls and boys in the Culmore community.

HACAN’s partnership with Childhelp USA has provided 30 “Morning Star” members and their siblings with mentors. In addition, morethan 50 middle school students from “Morning Star” have been referred to George Mason University’s Early Identification Program (EIP) for minority students. The IEP offers help with tutoring and support to students and their families to help the students graduate from high school and attend college. Furthermore, through our partnerships and collaborative efforts with other agencies and community organizations, Morning Star has referred 40 girls to Girl Scouts summer camps and 31 students to computer programs.

Morning Star girls have participated in the following activities: Over 22 participants have received educational life skills programs such as “Smart Kids; Safe Choices” (gang prevention), over 25 participants attended the Banking for Your Future workshop (wise use of money), a 250 girls and boys have participated in “Good Touch-Bad Touch” classes, 25 girls attended the Life Skills program by Inova Health (10 sessions focusing on self-esteem and tobacco avoidance), 50 participants have participated in Physical fitness including swimming classes and 25 participants have attended in a health/nutrition training, most of the girls have participated in arts and/craft activities, 20 have participated y crochet classes and 25 in Martial arts classes,120 participants have attended in community service activities such as volunteering at HACAN’s Child Abuse Prevention Breakfast, Culmore Cleanup Day, and St. Anthony’s Church health fairs.

“Morning Star” has been recognized and awarded by many organizations such as The Washington Area Women’s Foundation, Bailey’s Crossroads Day Award, Penny Gross, Mason District Supervisor of Fairfax County and the Kiwanis Club of Arlington.

Hispanics Against Child Abuse and Neglect