HACAN partners with SCAN of Northern Virginia in working to prevent child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting. To learn more about SCAN’s parenting classes, parenting tip sheets in Spanish or English, or to download their free Parent Resource Center mobile app, visit

  1. SCAN of Northern Va: HACAN and SCAN have collaborated on many activities throughout the years. HACAN is a member of SCAN’s Allies in Prevention program. Last year, SCAN offered us office space and graciously offered to sponsor meetings at SCANto help re-structure the HACAN Board of Directors.
  1. Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations (VACOLAO): This organization has always offered support, especially in providing training in advocacy and leadership development for our STAR students, many of whom had the privilege of attending theImmigrant Lobby Day. The director knows many of them personally and has followed their advocacy work on behalf of the Dream Act at their universities.
  1. Center for Social Development:The director, Tony Silard has reached out to HACAN since 2008. The program he developed, “Young Leaders Program,” is open to high school students from the Washington Metropolitan area.The program consists of one week at GWU, where students practice public speaking, participate in leadership-related workshops, and learn how to develop resumes. The program includes guest speakers such as CEOs, leaders andmovers of change in community organizations, and others. There is a cost for participation in this program; however, HACAN offers scholarships to cover its participants.
  1. Center for Social Justice:This is a non-profit organization with similar goals and objectives as STAR. They provide specialworkshops for our STAR students once a month. We areplanning to continue to work together so than we might maximize our efforts.
  1. Alternative House “Culmore Partners”: This partnership providesus with valuable information about community resources and serves as an avenue to communicateissues of concern or of interest that affect the residents of Culmore.


Hispanics Against Child Abuse and Neglect